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I am committed to keeping promises, and getting results that improve our neighborhoods in Westland from Clyde Smith to Tonquish to Norwayne. It means repairing our roads, fixing our sidewalks, and keeping the homes that we all live in looking beautiful.


  • Approved funding for over 50 neighborhood road repair and improvement projects all across Westland.

    • Streets A-F: Avondale Rd. (Venoy to Merriman), Avondale Rd. (Merriman to Henry Ruff), Barns Dr., Bedford Dr., Birchwood St. (Gloria to Merriman), Carlson St. (Palmer to Avondale), Chief Lane, Chochise St., Clinton Ct., Columbia Ave., Comanche Dr., Dagner Dr., Darwin St. (Wildwood to Grand Traverse St.), Dover Dr., Elisa Dr., Farragaut Rd., Fernwood St., Forest St., Freeman Ct.

    • Streets G-N: Grand Traverse St. in Norwayne (Glennwood to Belding), Grand Traverse St. in Norwayne (Northgate to Merriman ), Hiveley St. (Hawthorne to Farmington), Iroquois Dr., Jill Dr.,  John Hix & Florence St. (North of Cherry Hill), Larchmont Dr., Lone Pine Dr., Lynx Rd. and Lynx Ct., Markey Ave., Manila Ave., Marquette Rd. (Wayne to John Glenn High School area), Melvin Rd. Drainage Improvement, Monmouth Ave., Muirfield Dr., Norene Ave., N.Berry St.,    N.Crown Ave., N.Hambleton Ave., N.Hanlon Ave., Northampton Dr. North Linville St.

    • Streets O-Z: Pamela Ct., Pardo Ave., Schley Ave., Sheffield Ave., Shelby Dr., Somerset Dr., S.Christine Ave., S. Crown Ave., S.Hawthorne St., S.Karle Ave., S.Marie Ave., S.Parent Ave., Superior Parkway (Chery Hill to Huron Parkway), Van Lawn St., Wallace Ave., Watson Cir., Winekoff Dr., Winona Dr., Yale St. (Hunter to Warren)

  • Approved completion and development of the Marlee Woods Subdivision.

       The Marlee Woods Subdivision was left incomplete by the previous developer and we were able to work with Lombardo

       Homes to complete the remainder of the subdivision.


  • Approved redevelopment of the former Kettering and Madison Elementary School site from Lombardo Homes. 

       ​With 45 new single family homes for Madison and 35 single family homes for Kettering this marks the first new

        development in Wayne-Westland Schools in over 20 years and will add new students to the district.


  • New stop sign put in at intersection of Hampshire and Lancshire Streets.

  • Invested $400,000 in a flood remediation program through American Rescue Plan funds.

       We know in certain areas of the city that every time we get a heavy rain water backs up and floods people's basements.

       That's why the City of Westland invested $400,000 in flood remediation equipment to try and address the flooding

       concerns that residents have.

  • Hawthorne Valley Golf Course redevelopment.

       The City of Westland is working to redevelop the old, abandon Hawthorne Valley Golf Course site by building a brand

       new Fire Station #2.​​ We are looking to relocate Fire Station #2 from its current site on Merriman Road over to the old

       Hawthorne Valley site.


  • Investing in roads, sidewalks, and streetlights:

       Our cities financial stability is crucial as we must continue to invest in and repair cracked and broken neighborhood

       streets, sidewalks, and street lights. We must continue to ensure that we have the resources needed to make the

       necessary repairs to roads, sidewalks, and streetlights.

  • Connecting broken gaps of sidewalks and ensuring more sidewalk connectivity:

       I was incredibly excited when we put together the Walk & Roll mobility program. One of the key aspects of the Walk & Roll        mobility program was to focus on sidewalk connectivity along major roadways and neighborhood streets. There are many

       positive benefits of having a program that focuses on sidewalk connectivity. Sidewalks make it safer for pedestrians to

      walk down a street. Having fully connected sidewalks means more accessibility for pedestrians with disabilities and

      different abilities to get around on. They mean that kids won't have to walk to school or other people walk to where they

      are going on someone's grass.

       We can fund future sidewalk connectivity efforts through utilizing a portion of our ARPA dollars. We can also apply for 

       federal and state grant funding, namely TAP grants, to fund connectivity. In the past, we have used TAP grant funding to do

       sidewalk connectivity.

       While we may not be able to get to every single sidewalk in the city, all at once, we can make a big difference and close

       many of the gaps we do have. We can reinvigorate and refocus on the Walk & Roll plan.

  • Reliable Trash and Recycling Services: 

​       I know that many residents were frustrated with the poor service from Priority Waste during a portion of 2022. The poor 

       service was unacceptable between the delays and the missed pickups where entire neighborhoods weren't picked up. It is

       our responsibility as your City Council to ensure that your trash, recycling, yard waste, and special bulk items are picked up

       each and every week. That's why we have worked with Priority Waste on a corrective action plan to ensure this doesn't

       happen again. In the event that Priority Waste fails to deliver, we will have to find a new trash and waste service utilizing

       the out clause that is in the contract.

  • Cleaning up blight in our community: 

​       Our City of Westland Ordinance Department needs to be properly staffed and funded to have the resources necessary to

       continue tackling blight here in the city. We have torn down to major blighted buildings including the old Lerights/Beehive

       restaurant on Wayne Road and the Nankin Mills Tavern on Ann Arbor Trail.

  • Addressing concerns about rodents:

       The first step in solving a problem is admitting it exists. I have gone door-to-door and heard multiple stories from

       residents about finding living and dead rats and rodents in their neighborhood. My own dog Jetta found a rat that came

       over from my neighbors yard into mine. While we have made progress on this issue, the city needs to work to continue to

       address residents concerns regarding the issue of rats and rodents in our neighborhoods.

  • Continue Norwayne Revitalization:

       Continue the revitalization efforts and progress in the Norwayne Historic District by supporting more programs geared

       towards children, family support services, education, and recreation. Work with the Norwayne Citizens Council to continue

       the progress already made.


       We must also continue to invest in affordable housing programs through our city's Community Development Block Grant

       (CDBG) program and our housing voucher program. As part of the CDBG program we must continue to rehab or rebuild

       blighted homes and properties in the Norwayne community.

       Work with Wayne-Westland Community Schools to offer after-school and extended learning programs at the Jefferson 

       Barnes Vitality Center and the learning lab inside Jefferson Barnes.

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